Monday, October 24, 2005

Papal veto vs. Papal fiat

(AGI) - Vatican, Oct 24 - The Pope is rumoured as not agreeing with the Synod's views on whether divorced couples should be allowed to partake in Catholic mass. According to cardinal Walter Kasper, who chairs the Vatican's Office for Christian Unity, "divorced couples which have remarried are a serious issue for us: the Synod hasn't issued its final word on the matter. [...] any bishop in any western country knows this to be an issue; the Synod on that note has heard all parties, not just the majority. Each and every priest, even the Pope, knows that there are worthy cases [...]. I too subscribe to such views". (AGI) Siz241430 OTT 05 -
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Read the complete article Vatican: Pope may 'overturn' Synod decision on divorcees from AGIonline.

I read this at more than one place, but AGI tends to have these brief little blurbs that are eminently suitable for complete copying and pasting rather than pulling out a few choice quotes from long articles.

A few things
1. The Synod didn't make any decisions to be overturned. But then you all know that by now. It's there to consult, not legislate. The Pope is not vetoing anything. It's the Pope who decides what's going to happen, God bless him.

2. I'm intrigued by Cardinal Kasper's words. The Synod closed up shop yesterday, but it hasn't issued its final word on the matter...

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