Monday, October 17, 2005

Editorial: EWTN is so annoying

The Eternal Word Television Network is admittedly one of the most visually stimulating 'Christian' channels on cable. Let's be blunt. TBN's graphics, etc., look about as cheap as that pink-haired woman and the guy in the white suit who sits in that golden chair. On the other hand, EWTN does come across as quite professionally done. The network has a variety of programming on different subjects. And of course, how can you go wrong with documentaries on Renaissance church restoration?

But as the title states, the network is still annoying. Why? Closed captioning is pretty much nonexistent.

As I've alluded a few times here, I do not hear very well at all and it is only getting worse. About this time last year, my hearing descended below the point where one-on-one conversation could be held without a lot of 'huhs' and 'whats'. I've needed closed captioning for awhile now. Thankfully, most everything I want to watch has it.

But EWTN's captioning of programs is hit and miss at best. They caption the recitation of the Rosary with Mother Angelica and a few independent documentaries have captioning as well. But the shows that I wouldn't mind watching once in awhile, like 'Rome Reports' and 'The World Over', have nothing. Raymond Arroyo looks like he has something really interesting to report on, but his facial expressions and the little box over his shoulder don't do much for conveying information...

So until the network decides to put some time and effort into reaching the world of the hearing impaired in its home country instead of worrying about reaching the far reaches of the Third World, it will just have to remain one of those channels I flip past on my way between CNN and Bloomberg.

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PSHAW said...

Absolutely!! It is very frustrating to note many shows are not captioned. They have given me the excuse it is financial and there is no one who is theologically knowledgeable enough to be doing the telecaptioning for certain programs. A Nun, Brother or Priest could do the job as part of their duties. I can't imagine why they go to such lengths to produce some good programs but leave the deaf viewers out as a whole. It is high time this is changed at EWTN. EVERY program must be captioned. All other network shows are captioned. Why can't EWTN follow suit? With programming options EWTN could modify programming to enable captioning of ALL shows.

They used these same excuses to another user's post in 2001. Its now 11 years later. No more excuses accepted from EWTN.