Wednesday, October 19, 2005

At the library

Today I'm at the UI library. My car is in the shop being repaired and I have no way home unless I want to take the bus as far as it goes and then walk for another 15 minutes.

The wedding on Saturday
There's not really much to say. The church itself was pretty. It had a window in the back wall of the sanctuary area that looked west. Given the setting sun (the wedding started at 5 pm), there was a nice golden color coming through. The pews were padded, but the comfort factor was mitigated since we stood through the entire ceremony.

Mass on Sunday
I went to the Newman Center on campus for the 6 pm Mass. The center does not have pews, it has chairs that are padded and the chairs do not have kneelers. I've been there before, so this was not a big deal for me. What was a big deal was the lack of missalettes. Luckily (aside from the readings), I do have the various parts of the Novus Ordo pretty well memorized. (The lack of kneeling did throw some confusion into it...)

That's all.

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