Sunday, September 25, 2005

Weekend update

I went to Mass this morning and when I arrived, there was an ambulance and a firetruck double-parked out front. I went in and found my usual spot and watched out of the corner of my eye as paramedics worked on an older gentleman. They had an IV going from the looks of it and then they lifted him up onto the cot and wheeled him out. He appeared to be conscious, so I'm guessing he fainted and was revived immediately after.

Pray that he has an enjoyable stay at Mercy Hospital and is feeling better.

On another note, I 'officially' joined my parish awhile ago and two weeks ago we had a special induction blessing at the end of Mass. Afterwards, fellowship was had downstairs with cinnamon rolls and coffee. Amid other materials provided to us newcomers, there was a very interesting booklet on the statuary of the church. The most interesting discovery was that this statue of a saint dressed as a cardinal was in fact St. Bonaventure. I've been looking for an image online of Bonaventure dressed as a cardinal since then. If any of you know where to find good pictures, let me know.

In case you've missed my fellow bloggers who've covered these stories, the Swiss Guard is celebrating its 500th anniversary, the Pope has a cool new electric cart in which to scoot around the Vatican (Amy has an image) and Rocco continues his comments on the Philadelphia grand jury report and defense of his cardinal-benefactor. These stories and more can be found under the 'Daily Readings' heading on the left.

Happy reading and God bless.

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