Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Comments on THE REPORT

In Rocco's latest post, he discusses the meeting Cardinal Rigali had yesterday with his priests. The clergy of Philadelphia were quite hostile. Read the entry for details and then check out this quote at the end after Rocco makes a rather interesting analogy between 'sweeping changes in the Church in the 60s' and the sex abuse scandal:

"You have the choice of staying and obeying, or leaving," Krol said. "Non datur tertium" -- "There is no third choice."

With those words, as practically every other See succumbed to the excesses of the Conciliar wave, John Krol drew his line and beat back the tide in his archdiocese.

Given these recent events and the newfound openness of the priests, is it safe to say that the tide averted for so long is back with a vengeance?

Sorry, but the tide Krol was averting back in 1964 is NOT the same tide that may be sweeping Philadelpha today. Comparing the zealousness of the Conciliar wave to indignation over the response of the archbishop's response to the grand jury report is just...

As the Inquirer quotes, a fourth priest told the cardinal it was "the wrong time to defend the indefensible."

That's not a wave of dissent, that's just plain common sense.

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