Friday, September 30, 2005

Into the Synod

The Word From Rome is updated and Allen covers the Synod, (cue dramatic music) the Homosexual Document and (cue happy music) the Meeting Between Kung and his old buddy/nemesis/buddy Joseph Ratzinger.

Allen as usual covers a lot of ground, so I won't quote anything directly. But one point on the Synod is in order.

Do I think a 'universal indult' will be granted?
No. Let's look back. Aside from the usual chatter on the subject, the issue of the universal indult really only came up due to the meeting with Fellay. Despite the relative positive outcome of the meeting itself, Fellay's words in the aftermath illustrated that a universal indult wasn't the panacea that would end the schism. Yet talk of the universal indult has left the context of the SSPX and continues on its own.

There may be a compromise of some kind to provide the Tridentine Mass on a permanent basis, but the universal indult is not going to happen.

* * *

Aside from that, most of the other questions outlined by Mr. Allen are pretty much 'executive' rather than 'legislative' questions. We'll see how it goes as the Year of the Eucharist reaches its conclusion.

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