Sunday, October 15, 2006

This guy is amusing

In On The Other Hand - The Pope and Islam, Peter Laurie writes on what he thinks is the solution to all the world religions' problems: dialogue and equal validity:

The basis of a genuine dialogue among the major faiths of the world cannot be a mere tolerant truce, predicated on the position of each being in exclusive possession of the absolute truth.

There has to be an acceptance that all religions have something to add to the spectrum of spiritual truth. There also has to be an acceptance that God's revelation not only can be apprehended in different ways but is also on-going throughout history.

While the adherents of each faith will, understandably, believe that their approach to God is best, this viewpoint, if expressed with humility (we all see through a glass darkly) rather than in a triumphal manner (Onward Christian Soldiers), does not prejudice the achievement of greater mutual understanding.

If we are to avoid a bloody "clash of civilisations" the great faiths of the world must come together not only to achieve better mutual understanding but also to affirm human dignity and human rights in the struggle for justice and peace for all.

They must work together to better confront the ravages of our modern world: environmental pollution, poverty, racism, HIV/AIDS, war and the proliferation of arms.

They must pray together to create a new spiritual consciousness for all humanity, one that goes hand in hand with reason and commonsense.

Mr. Laurie could stand to read Cardinal Ratzinger's book on this exact subject. I doubt he'd get much out of it though...

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