Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Other newsy items

From The Trumpet is a piece on Benedict, Islam, Iran and world peace. One quote stands out:

Political scientists still largely regard religion as passe. But it is now clear that, while they were looking for the formula for world peace, religion was working behind the scenes for a mighty comeback! That comeback was to be sourced within, and stimulated by, two great religions: Roman Catholicism and pan-Islamism.

Political scientists still WHAT?! I was going to comment on this piece at length, but then I read the above paragraph and it just destroyed all credibility of the author. I don't know what planet Ron Fraser lives on, but MY poli sci department didn't discount religion by any means. Moving on...

Catholic Online has a nice article about the renovation of the basilica in Baltimore.

On that Saturday – 200 years after the basilica’s cornerstone was laid in 1806 – the $32-million restoration project will be revealed to a public whose interest has been greatly heightened as more and more people begin to understand the basilica’s special place in U.S. Catholic history, not only as a symbol of religious liberty but also as an architectural gem.

There's lots more in the article on what all has been renovated and the historical arcitecture of the basilica.

Finally, Catholic World News has its top ten stories. Guess what they are before you go look here.

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