Friday, October 20, 2006


The links down the left have been augmented.

As I've noted before, I don't really care for the Haloscan service. I'm going to see about playing with my template this weekend and reverting back to Blogger. We'll see how badly I screw things up.

EDIT: The template was reset and then I put back in the custom stuff for the sidebar. I noted that with a reset, the page was loading a lot faster than it used to, a nice side benefit.

For all you syndication folks, down the left under Subscribe is the chicklet for Feedburner and then a link for Atom. The little chicklet down in the lower right hand corner was reset from Feedburner and now goes to the Blogger Atom/RSS link. Subscribe to whichever you prefer, though the big chicklet that uses Feedburner will tell me how many subscriptions I have...

ANOTHER EDIT: Over time, I'm going to go through and label all the posts according to their subject label. Don't count on me doing this very quickly though. 'Search this blog' at the top is still everyone's best friend for finding stuff.

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