Monday, June 12, 2006

The World Cup

In case you all aren't paying attention...

Holy See 1-0 Monaco

A young priest celebrates a goal. (AP)

Team Holy See, participating in its first World Cup, has played its first match in Group I. The Catholic side managed to hang out to its one-goal lead despite the late surge from Monaco. The manager of Team Holy See, Swiss Guards Major Dieter Schultze, noted that his men performed well.

"We have men from all over the earth playing for the Holy See. It is an incredible multi-national effort. We have drilled for many weeks and it is shown upon the pitch."

Football watchers noted the extreme skill of the Swiss-coached side. Said JP Manolo of ESPN, "Their set-piece attacks from corner and free kicks work like clockwork, Swiss clockwork."

In Group I play, Holy See will next meet San Marino, which lost its first match in group play 2-0 to Swaziland.

Holy See 3pts
Swaziland 3pts
San Marino 0pts
Monaco 0pts

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