Monday, June 26, 2006

The parking guru

Although his main job will end, U.S. cardinal to remain at Vatican

VATICAN CITY (CNS) -- When U.S. Cardinal Edmund C. Szoka retires as president of the commission governing Vatican City State in September, he will be moving out of his apartment at the Vatican governor's palace -- but to another apartment inside the 109-acre city state.

Under his governorship, a new entrance to the Vatican Museums was completed and two underground parking garages were opened.

"Vatican City had become a big parking lot," he said, not just with employees' cars, but with all sorts of people who live or work nearby finagling parking permits.

"I put a stop to that," he said. "Now it looks beautiful" without cars clogging up every street and square in the small state.

Cardinal Szoka just became my new hero! As a former employee of the UI Department of Parking and Transportation, I can attest to the horrors of disorganized parking and all the hard work that goes into making sure people don't park just wherever they feel like it.

So from one parking person to another, I salute His Eminence!

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