Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Pian Rite/Tridentine Mass

Amy over at Open Book discusses the various thoughts on the subject as the deadline of last Holy Thursday came and went without a rumored announcement on the subject of a liberalization of the policy regarding the Mass of St. Pius V.

Someone wrote last week that in the consistory and then the interdicasterial meeting, there was not a consensus for a change in policy. If the heavy hitters are not going for it, then its unlikely that Benedict XVI is going to strike out on his own on such a sensitive topic. Unlikely, but not impossible. If Benedict has taught us anything, it's that he'll do what he wants and thinks is best and his reasons will be impeccably researched.

With all this talk on the subject, it's important to remember that the Holy Father is interested in a reform of the reform. That does not equal a universal indult. That is more along the lines of fixing up the Novus Ordo and eliminating various abuses. The rumors swirling around a universal indult are far more interesting to cover and prognosticate about since reforms of the Novus Ordo are likely to be organic and little noticed as they are hidden in the daily business of the Congregation of Divine Worship. But that incremental reform is far more important for the billion or so Catholics whose Mass experience on any given day is that of the New Order.

But in order to appease the masses on this, in conversations with various people on the topic, it goes like this...

Anyone who is in the know on what Benedict's plans are is not going to say anything worth reporting. Those who are talking are outside the inner circle and are just talking for the sake of striking it rich should his particular prognostication prove to be right.

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