Tuesday, April 18, 2006

An interesting point

From here:

Want to do your parishioners a real favor? Don't accomodate them in Spanish, offer free English courses in the parish hall. Coming here without speaking English isn't exactly ideal but accomodating not learning it is just wrong on so many levels.

As far as Mass goes - if only there was a way to have one language in Church around the world...hmmmmmmmmm. That aside, I understand a need for Spanish Masses, but it should be on a limited scale, there shouldn't be a permanent ghettoized segment of the population. And, if you come here, you should have to assimilate to a considerable degree.

If someone feels that everything should be in Spanish for them, I got a country some 20 miles South of here for them.

The bolding is mine.

It's a worthy point, though not without its faults. Right off hand, I know of many instances of German immigrants here in Iowa who were quite happy to go to services on Sunday that were in the German language. The only things that halted this practice were two world wars. Of course, if the Mass was in Latin, that would certainly solve the problem.

Vatican Watcher is pro-Latin, all the way. :)

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