Wednesday, April 26, 2006

An observation on the condom issue

This alleged document is getting a lot of press. I would like to draw a comparison if I may.

The homosexual document floated around the Curia for months before it was eventually released. I find it interesting that people would ignore the empirical evidence right before their noses and just assume that having heard of this document on condoms for the first time this last week, it is going to appear out of thin air to change a major position of the Church regarding birth control and sex.

Let's mark down late April as the start of the rumors and expect a possible document (if there is really one, which I highly doubt) in say... six months to a year.

I do doubt there is going to be any document that 'relaxes' the Catholic position. As Benedict has stated, we are moving towards a smaller Church with more fervent believers. One does not fight relativism and immorality by relaxing the rules.

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