Tuesday, March 28, 2006

The conditions

Magister looks at the comments made by the Secretary for Relations with States Lajolo.

On the relations between Beijing and the Holy See, Lajolo first stipulated that “Chinese Catholics do not feel any less Chinese because they are Catholic,” even though, obviously, “one cannot be Catholic without being in communion with the pope.” He then asserted that whenever “open and stable relations between the Chinese government and the Holy See might be established, any tensions could be overcome afterwards without any ambiguity.”

The Holy See – Lajolo also said – “has always expressed clearly what it asks and what it is ready to concede,” and also “what it cannot renounce while remaining faithful to itself.” He added: “In our opinion, the time is ripe”; the Chinese authorities “cannot ignore the expectations of their own people, nor the signs of the times.”

From all accounts, it looks as though the Chinese are just dying for the nunciature to be moved from Taipei and for the pope to visit before the Olympics. Do we know what that gives Rome?


I am pleased the Holy Father made Cardinal Zen a cardinal. It is a strong message in itself.

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