Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Central African Confusion

Reader Louis pointed this out to me yesterday in an email. I have no idea what is behind this. Perhaps some of our more knowledgeable readers could help us in figuring out why two bishops from the Central African Republic, both in their fifties and well short of retirement, have resigned this month.

Paulin Pomodimo, archbishop of Bangui, resigned on May 26 (today), just short of his fifty-fifth year.

François-Xavier Yombandje, bishop of Bossangoa, resigned on May 16 (a week ago Saturday), just short of his fifty-third year.

Both men were consecrated by Joachim N'Dayen, archbishop emeritus of Bangui.


Louis E. said...

I note that Archbishop Pomodimo preceded Bishop Yombandje in Bossangoa,perhaps something that happened there has come up.As for Archbishop N'Dayen,he might simply be tasked with all consecrations in his province,but I note that he also stepped down early (having started very early) and another of his consecratees stepped down from the Diocese of Bambari at 49 not long afterward.

Louis E. said...

Now see the article at Rorate-Caeli with details!