Sunday, May 03, 2009

1,001 Posts

I was going to commemorate the 1,000th post with lots of cool things, but I just noticed that that was the last post. I guess I wasn't paying that much attention. Oh well. That spares me the obligation to get creative.

The Pope is going to Israel soon and will be visiting a Palestinian refugee camp.

Professor Glendon (I don't recall right offhand her first name) declined the Laetare Medal from Notre Dame as she didn't want to the token next to Obama. Father Jenkins has rounded up a judge who is a past recipient and the medal won't be given out this year. Nice sidestepping there, Father.

Archbishop Ranjith is said to be headed home to Colombo, but there's no official word.

Over at Rorate, they're busily commenting about curial rumblings surrounding the exile of Ranjith (whenever it eventually happens if it does). One poster, Matt, made an excellent point:

With all of this rumbling, the Holy Father should do what any Head of anything does, he or his designates walk into the office of the slacker prelate with security and tell him, "Thank you for your services but the Holy Father had decided it's time to part company." They are then given fifteen minutes to clean out their desks and are escorted out. Done. Why this is so hard for the Pope is beyond me and the reason why so much trouble exists in the Church. Do what the heck you want and no one can fire you? No wonder they act like that.

These prelates are not OWED, or ENTITLED. They serve at the pleasure of the Pope and can be dismissed at his pleasure. I suppose the Vatican has an alternate reality

If the One (Mr. Obama for you neophytes) can go around sacking top bank officials and the CEO of GM, I should think the Pope himself could do as Matt suggests.

That's enough of a round-up for now. I ask for your prayers in this hour of anxiety for me.


Louis E. said...

As you know,I believe that attempting to extend an ethic of preserving life from birth to natural death back to conception to natural death is not (as your Church claims) logically required,but fatal to the point of collapse from internal contradiction.
But I respect the integrity of any group demanding that membership be allied to adherence to its official principles.

Here's something to chew on...why does the Church not declare those who contract same-sex civil "marriages" excommunicated?(Someone at WDTPRS linked to Gregory Maguire's self-righteous letter inviting the Pope to come see what good Catholics he and his "husband" were,posted at on April 30th 2008...that put me in mind of this.)
This is not internal dissent of conscience,this is open embrace of what the Church condemns.Can a bishop who tolerates it avoid being a hypocrite?

Jacob said...


You make good points about same-sex marriage. It's probably automatic excommunication that the bishops don't have to make any ruling on... I'll have to email Dr. Peters and ask about that. By the way, how many other blogs do you keep track of besides mine and WDTPRS?

Louis E. said...

As far as Catholic blogs go I suppose the others I read most often are Whispers and Rorate Caeli.

It's one thing to say that excommunication applies canonically,but how is the message gotten across if they are never excluded from the appearance of being members in good standing?(I recall those men in Canada who were disciplined by Archbishop Prendergast...he got transferred to the larger see of Ottawa,while they started worshipping at a Protestant church...but the act of contracting SSM ought to carry visible penalties for anyone).