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Castrillon is the first Cardinal deacon; hence, it is before him that the oath must be taken. No connection with ED [Ecclesia Dei].
14 December, 2007 13:47

That was posted in reply to a discussion at RORATE about news regarding the bishop-elect of Savona-Noli swearing "an oath of fidelity to the Church before the Vatican Pontifical Commission "Ecclesia Dei", in the hands of the Eminent Cardinal Dario Hoyos Castrillon [sic]." Some were of the opinion that it was motivated by the diocesan administrator's previous banning of the Mass of Blessed John XXIII.

The explanation itself is not news, but I found the mention of this tradition to be an interesting one. In fact, I think I will inaugurate a new label in honor of little snippets like this: traditions.

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Louis E. said...

It was a highly unusual (perhaps unprecedented) intervention by the Pope that recently made Castrillon Hoyos the protodeacon in place of Medina Estevez (who has turned 80 but that does not remove someone from being the senior of his rank of cardinal).Both became cardinal-deacons in 1998.It can be expected that both will become cardinal-priests (their diaconates being elevated pro hac vice to titles since the recent consistory sucked up just about every available title) in February on completing the required ten years as cardinal-deacons.
For 2008-2011,Cardinal Cacciavillan would be the senior cardinal-deacon but cardinal Sebastiani the senior one under 80...we will see if the Pope intervenes again in allocating the title.(And will the 80-year-old dean,Sodano,retain his position hoping to preside over the General Congregations before the next conclave,though the conclave itself,if held by 2015,would now be presided over by Cardinal Lopez Trujillo?)