Saturday, December 15, 2007

Alexy II is for Putin

From Interfax-Religion:

Moscow, December 13, Interfax - Patriarch Alexy II of Moscow and All Russia supports First Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev's proposal to Vladimir Putin that he become prime minister upon the expiration of his presidential term, if Medvedev is elected president.

"If there is such a combination of a new president and Vladimir Vladimirovich [Putin], provided that he gives his consent, I think this would be a great blessing for Russia," Alexy said on NTV on Thursday.

"However, having known Vladimir Vladimirovich for years, I can acknowledge that ambition and pride have never prevailed in his activities," he said.

The patriarch praised "Vladimir Vladimirovich's selfless devotion to our homeland, his love for our homeland and huge efforts that he has made for the benefit of our homeland, its might, and its development for the good of our people."

It's such a simple word, so easy to say... tsar...

Although it would probably make a lot of Russians living outside the Motherland angry, especially the Romanov remnant, I would certainly before Putin being declared the tsar, if only because it would immediately clarify things. We all know he's going to manipulate things to stick around. Why not just go all the way and be done with it?


Louis E. said...

If there was every any doubt Alexei II was a part of the Soviet infiltration of the Orthodox Church,he's just clarified it.
As a monarchist who is also an anybody-but-Putinist I'd rather see anyone else be Tsar...

Jacob said...

Re: Louis E. (12/15, 10:32AM):

I'm not exactly a Putinist either, but he's the guy in charge and the Romanovs have too much dissent to ever pick a clear-cut candidate for the throne.

As far as Alexy II, the sooner the combined Russian Church picks a successor, the better off they'll be.

Louis E. said...

As far as Romanovs go you either go with Grand Duchess Maria as heiress by the House Laws or the head of the Romanov Family Association which ignores the House Laws.(If they don't stop enforcing an oath never to change the House Laws there may soon be no one eligible under them).

Failing the Romanovs,choose a Rurikid.Picking Putin doesn't treat his being the guy in charge as a problem needing to be solved!