Thursday, September 20, 2007


The MP went into effect on the 14th. I guessed in the last post that there would be something in the next issue of the weekly newspaper. It arrived today and...


Must be hard work spelling out in your own words what the Pope spelled out in his own words. Of course, HE the Bishop could be using his Latin skills as a former teacher to actually come up with a decent translation since the Holy See has dropped the ball there. We'll wait and see, but HE is on borrowed time right now.


Johnny Vino said...

Hiya Jacob!

Sorry the Messenger dissapointed. It always does though. And any diocese where people are able to keep Richard McBrien in print is a diocese where B16 will have to beg for copy.

But those are just the folks at the chancery. I think we can be encouraged that men like Fr. Guss are from D-port too. Look at how the Vatican just plucked him away from us to run the seminary there. And we've got such terrific priests in IC (the tri-parish segment, anyway). As long as there aren't liturgical abuses or illicit Eucharistic prayers, I say Praise Jesus!


Jacob said...

All good points. I came across as a little bit cynical perhaps. As I recall, the Bishop promised some guidelines by the time the MP went into effect and they have yet to see the light of day.

We'll see what comes out here in the near future.