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Monday, September 24, 2007


The thing in 'Braveheart' where English lords get to sleep with the new wifes of Scottish men in order to 'breed out the Scots'...

Wallace is a big time Catholic who's been to Rome. He's pious and all that. We all know Mel is personally into the entire traditional scene...

So why in the hell wasn't Longshanks in the movie worried in the least bit by promulgating a law that broke several commandments, namely adultery and coveting one's neighbor's wife, not to mention violating sizable chunks of canon law, etc?

I think such a law would be grounds for interdict and excommunication, don't you?

But hey, great battle scenes. :D


Louis E. said...

Braveheart wasn't exactly concerned with historical accuracy,e.g. it had Wallace having an affair with a woman who at the time of Wallace's death was a child who had never been to Britain (he died in 1305,Edward I in 1307,Edward II married in 1308,Edward III was born in 1312).

Jacob said...


Yeah yeah yeah. The movie is on today and I thought I'd just point out its most glaring weakness from an ecclesiastical standpoint.

ignorant redneck said...

Of course, the movie doesn't address the fact that Wallace was a knight before he started doing his thing. It also depicts him a a highlander--he was not, he was a lowlander. that's a big thing: Lowlanders spoke an aglicized dialect of welsh, that eventually became a dialect of english with som brythonic survivals. He didn't wear a kilt, either.