Tuesday, November 14, 2006

News round-up

BBC: Vatican enters Muslim veils debate

Cardinal Renato Martino said immigrants must respect the traditions, culture and religion of the nations they go to.

They ought to abide by local laws banning the wearing of certain types of Muslim veils, he added.

"It seems elementary to me and it is quite right that the authorities demand it," said Cardinal Martino, who heads the Vatican department dealing with migration issues.

I agree wholeheartedly with His Eminence's words. It just struck me though. What if he were talking about for instance Mexican immigrants in the US and the Church's efforts to provide them with Spanish language services at the expense of English and assimilation? What would the response to be that? I'll leave you all to guess.

CNS: Pope calls Curia to discuss married priests, Archbishop Milingo
I really hope that there isn't any kind of a relaxation on this. It's a feel-good bandaid to the general lack of discipline in leading Christian lives. Not enough priests? Gee, I wonder why? Maybe because they don't get to have wives? Hey, one answer is as good as another!

Interfax: Alexy II is prepared for personal meeting with the Pope of Rome only after the differences between the two Churches are resolved

‘A possibility of personal meeting with the Pope has never been eliminated. We have always insisted that such a meeting should open a new page in our relations and not be just a protocol meeting before TV cameras to show that we have no problems, while in fact we have them,’ the Patriarch said in his interview to Paris Match published Thursday.

He noted that the Primate of the Russian Orthodox Church had never met with the head of the Roman Catholic Church. If this meeting takes place, ‘probably in a third country, - it would have become an exclusive historic event.’

‘Therefore, this meeting should be thoroughly prepared with the betterment of relations between our Churches as its primary object,’ Alexy II underscored.

Does anyone ever get the feeling that the Russian Patriarch has... pretensions? Maybe it's just the translation and all that, but Alexy and his subordinates always ocme off as rather imperious in tone. 'We aren't going to meet with you until you see things our way...' 'Play the game the way we want or we'll take our ball home.'


Rome, 14 Nov. (AKI) - Pope Benedict XVI's personal secretary Georg Gaenswein on Tuesday slammed a TV and radio satire of the pontiff and himself. "I hope it stops right away," Gaenswein told Adnkronos. "I hope these programmes will end immediately: satire is fine but these things have no intellectual level and offend men of the Church. They are not acceptable."

Gaenswein's comments follow an article in Avvenire - the newspaper of the Italian Bishops' Conference - which slammed a satire of the pope by comedian Maurizio Crozza on private television channel La7 and the imitation, by another popular Italian showman, Fiorello, of the pontiff's secretary in a radio programme on state broadcaster RAI Viva Radio 2.

Avvenire lashed out at the programmes saying they were trying to "ridicule Catholic figures."

Gaenswein stressed that he would never watch nor listen to these programmes and noted he wanted "to forget" the entire episode.

He also stressed the pontiff had never commented on the programmes: "A comment of the pope would really honour too much these people."

I wish I had a secretary... :)

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