Friday, August 19, 2005

The holiest job fair you'll ever attend

COLOGNE, Germany (Reuters) - Young priests in sharp suits and sunglasses are turning heads and winning hearts at the Catholic World Youth Day festival in Cologne.

They are the type of men Pope Benedict hopes will secure the future of the Church and inspire youngsters to choose a religious life, which may be why he has insisted on addressing seminarians personally during his four-day visit to Germany.

Read the complete article Dashing young priests turn heads at Youth Day from Reuters.

I'd particularly like to see this:

The more dashing young priests at World Youth Day seem to have an entourage of adoring teenage girls.

That young people are asking questions of those who they see as their peers, that certainly goes a long way. Asking 'stodgy old men and women' how they get along without a wife, children or S-E-X is just something teens today are not going to do. Teens don't even talk to their parents about sex. Handsome young seminarians on the other hand...

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