Sunday, August 21, 2005

Fashion faux pas or calculated move?

Angela Merkel, who is bidding to become the German chancellor in elections next month, appeared to breach protocol yesterday when she met Pope Benedict XVI with her head uncovered.

By contrast, Doris Schröder, the wife of Chancellor Gerhard Schröder, wore a black lace veil over her blonde hair as she chatted to the Pope on his return to his native Germany.

Read the complete article Black lace for Mrs Schröder, but pastor's daughter Angela Merkel welcomes the Pope bareheaded from News.Telegraph.

Mrs. Schroeder, despite being a protestant and the wife of a social democrat, benefited from the experts of the foreign ministry. I was reading the other day at Speigel Online about Ms. Merkel's fashion sense and how the German press has been all over her for some candid photos taken when she was on vacation. They were not impressed with her baggy trousers with elastic band, plain white tennis shoes and frumpy-looking shirt. Could this be another fashion faux pas or perhaps some kind of move to make the CDU more hip?

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