Sunday, May 01, 2005

Comments by Cardinal Pell

In a story at, No optimism from pope for moderates, George Cardinal Pell's comments at his first Mass since returning from Rome included the headline comment about how those seeking radical change in the Catholic Church were in for a disappointment. Pell stated that Benedict XVI would reaffirm the Catholic identity and he called upon all to support the Holy Father.

This would certainly reaffirm the theme that has underlined all of the Pope's comments so far. The Church needs to return to its roots and 'rediscover' what it is to be Catholic if it is going to make it in the post-modern 21st century.


Anonymous said...


Now that the public is warming a little to Benedict the liberal press has started a campaign to kill him off by blowing his health problems all out of proportion.

By the way, thanks for this blog. I wish you the best.

Jacob said...

I found that interesting too. He looked fine to me, but the way it was presented in the article, it seemed like he is on his last legs.

Uh huh, right, yeah...