Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Conclave '13 - Day Two

Yesterday the cardinals entered the conclave.  There was black smoke at the end of the first day.

Today after the morning session, there was black smoke.

Morning - after 2 ballots - 11 to12 noon Rome time - 6 to 7 am EDT
Afternoon - after 2 ballots - 6 to 7 pm Rome time - 1 to 2 pm EDT

There are two ballots in each session.  If a pope is chosen on the first ballot of the session, the white smoke will be seen at either 6 am or 1 pm.

UPDATED to reflect earlier possible times for smoke to be seen.  VIS: "The “fumata”, again black, issued forth at 11:40 this morning, around 20 minutes earlier then expected."

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