Sunday, November 07, 2010

Not So Classy

I was watching EWTN's rerun of the Pope consecrating Sagrada Família today (it happened live early this morning when I was assleep). Off to the side were seated a man and a woman whom I assumed were the king and queen of Spain (the lady had on white). The king didn't receive communion from the Pope, but the queen did.

1. A kneeler was right in front of her, but she chose to awkwardly bend her knees and bend forward since she was on this step up from the Pope.
2. Then she stuck out her hand.

Not the way to do it with Benedict XVI.


Anonymous said...

She is not a cradle Catholic she converted to assume the throne.

Jacob said...

I understand that she came over from Orthodoxy upon marrying the king and I have read that she may have knee pains. I also have seen the pictures where her platform was above the Pope.

However, I am still skeptical just because I would think that people like the king and queen of Spain would be briefed on stuff like this.