Wednesday, October 06, 2010

An Orthodox Council Soon?

In the last post, I linked to Magister's latest in which he mentioned a 'great and holy' council in the future for the Orthodox.

I found this tonight when searching for more info: Voices From Russia takes a decidedly negative view of the Patriarch of Constantinople's motives.

Yes… the neocons and globalists do their best to sow disunity and discord amongst us. Don’t forget that Bart has been their willing tool for years.

Ouch. Read it all if you're interested. The context of the post is the ecumenical patriarch's visit to Russia earlier this year.


John (Ad Orientem) said...

I would be very careful in referencing anything from the VFR blog. The author is known to hold highly controversial views (that's being both restrained and polite) and his/her relationship with the Church is questionable. It has been widely reported that he/she has been barred from the chalice (effectively excommunicated) by the Russian Church to which he/she was previously attached. The last I heard he/she was attending a Greek parish. Whether or not she is permitted to commune I do not know. And finally I would note that he/she has some extremely serious personal issues of a nature that I am disinclined to discuss out of charity and a general distaste for internet gossip.

His/her blog has been explicitly criticized by a number of Orthodox clergy and I have been expressly warned to stay away from it by a priest who I hold in high regard.

I post the above only out of concern that some may wonder onto his/her blog and conclude that it is somehow representative of mainstream Orthodox thought or opinion. It is not. And most Orthodox bloggers (there are a few exceptions) have declined to link to VFR or do anything that might be construed as an endorsement.


Jacob said...

Re: Ad Orientem:

Given its inflammatory rhetoric and direct criticisms of the EP, I figured its author has a definite agenda.

Now that you mention it, I think I have read about this person before as being only accepted by the Alexandrian patriarch and on the outs with just about everyone else?

Thanks for the information.