Monday, March 29, 2010

Uh, right...

Davenport, the city where my bishop has his cathedra, had a bit of a controversy this last weekend. It seems that on the advice of the city civil rights commission, the city manager, without consulting the city council, issued a memo that Good Friday would henceforth be known as Spring Holiday.

Outrage ensued... Aside from the outcry from Christians, a lot of it came from city employees whose contracts stipulate that Good Friday (NOT Spring Holiday) is a city holiday where they are paid time and a half.

Apparently order has been restored thanks to the city quickly backtracking and noting the city manager was out of order.

Hat tip to ABC News and Drudge.


Yoda said...

Just an example of misguided liberals. Instead of taking a negative path, why don't they take a positive path and recognize other religions' holidays?

NC Sue said...

This sort of kowtowing to the politically correct contingent among us gives me a royal pain.