Thursday, October 08, 2009

Or Else!

Via Drudge, we have this blog post from ABC News' George Stephanopoulos:

In a letter just released, the three Catholic bishops leading the Church’s efforts on health care warned Congress that “we will have no choice but to oppose the bill” unless current bills are amended.

The letter signed by Bishop William Murphy, Cardinal Justin Rigali and Bishop John Wester outlines three main areas of concern: “that no one should be forced to pay for or participate in abortion, that health care should be affordable and available to the poor and vulnerable, and that the needs of legal immigrants should be met.”

Of those, of course, abortion poses the gravest threat to the bill. The bishops simply don’t buy the argument that House Democrats found a way to block public funding for abortions with the Capps amendment, and they insist that the Hyde amendment doesn’t apply to the bills because they are not appropriations measures. A sizable bloc of House Democrats, led by Bart Stupak of Michigan, agree and are pressuring for a clear prohibition on public funding.

Not really much new here, but the reference to /legal/ immigrants (my emphasis) is heartening.


Louis E. said...

While contrary to your church I want amendments that guarantee public funding of abortions desired by indigent women,consigning the hated Hyde Amendment to history,I agree that legal immigrants are the ones entitled to care.(And I wish Obama were not making nice with the homosexual lobby).

Jacob said...

Why does it have to be federal tax dollars? Why can't pro-choice individuals start some kind of national charitable foundation for paying for the procedure for those who can't afford it under Planned Parenthood or NARAL instead of Congress shoving it down the throats of tax payers who may or may not support abortion?

Louis E. said...

Well,I don't want tax dollars paying for executions,but the capital punishment supporters don't care...