Sunday, March 08, 2009

My Favorite Mahoney Pictures

Cardinal Mahoney, the archbishop of LA here in the US of A, presides every year over a congress of some sort. There is an official name that I could go look up, but I don't really think it's important given the good cardinal's outlook on various points of Catholic doctrine, tradition, law, etc.

There are a few pictures from past congresses that I've seen on other blogs or news reports that I've saved just because they were so priceless and in honor of the most recent congress and a post by Father Finigan, I share them with you all here.

Captions are of course welcome.


Louis E. said...

He spells his name "Mahony",and the acronym of his "Religious Education Congress" is sometimes rendered "wRECk".

Jacob said...

Thank you, Louis. I believe I've seen it spelled both ways, but I will remember in the future.