Wednesday, December 31, 2008


This is going to be simple.

First, yesterday I received in the mail an envelope with a return address from the nunciature in DC. It contained a nice letter from a monsignor relaying the Holy Father's blessings and wishes for Christmas and a laminated holy card with a picture of the Nativity on one side and some printed-on handwriting in Latin that I couldn't quite make out along with the Pope's signature. A very nice and unexpected return for sending the Pope a Christmas card a few weeks ago.

Second, I can't think of anyone who really stood out this last year more than normal. Our greatest expectations though are for Cardinal Canizares Llovera. 2009 could be a big year at CDW what with a new prefect who is of a mind with the Holy Father and the upcoming clarification letter that could lead to greater authority for CDW to in dealing with recalcitrance to the 1962 Missal as well as solving problems with the calendar that are growing more and more acute.

All in God's good time.


Tu Agenda Musical said...

A Holy and Happy Feast of the Epiphany!
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Jesus loves you and Mary too.
Luisa from Lima - Peru
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“God is shining forth in the most unwanted and unsuspected places…” St. Anthony Messenger

Jacob said...

I allowed through the above comment because I find this spam so hysterical. This comment asks /me/ to /listen/ to some kind of Christmas carol thing...

Someone obviously doesn't read the blog. :P