Thursday, November 20, 2008

Funeral Arrangements

Father Z talks about funerals. He reports on a fellow priest's funeral and how the priest was 'canonized' instead of having his inherent sinfulness recognized. Purgatory is a very real place and if people die and their friends and family go off thinking they've 'gone to heaven,' then they're probably not going to be praying for the deceased who are most likely languishing in Purgatory.

  • A nice casket or coffin.
  • If celebration must be had, a wake would be fine, but save the good feelings for that and not the funeral.

My funeral:
  • Mass, of course. A Requiem Mass in the old form would be cool.
  • No uplifting songs. It's a funeral. Chanting is preferred.
  • Please wear black. And see that the priest does so as well.
  • And no homilies that are 'feel good.' I'd like some fire and brimstone about the Four Last Things.
  • Perhaps the Dies Irae could be sung or recited? It would be included in the old form of Mass at least.

  • Whatever leftover money there is from my estate should be applied toward stipends for Gregorian Masses to be said for the deliverance of my soul from Purgatory.
  • And then an annual Mass said for me on the day of my death.
  • Or even better, sign me up with something like this.

That's all for now. I'll add more later as I think of it.

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