Thursday, September 25, 2008

Useless Reform

At the German-language Facebook equivalent I joined some time ago, it asked me for my political preference. Since it was listed, I chose 'monarchist' because I like monarchies. I think their place in history and the convoluted ways they've survived into the present day is a fun thing to study.

Then I go and read this.

The monarch has no real power. The legislature has emasculated the monarchy over time and basically gutted the House of Lords so that the British system is a tyranny of the majority. If they're so intent on reducing it down to nothing, why don't they just abolish it and be done with it?

There are horror stories from the NHS, Shariah is taking hold as a viable method of legal adjudication and a top ethicist wants to euthanize old people with dementia and all these Labourites can thing of is screwing around with an institution that is powerless anyway?

And to think they make fun of American politics...


Samuel said...

It amazes me. The United States declared independence and blamed the King. Two hundred plus years later, the President of the United States is the central figure of our government. At the same time, the British have gone the other way with the monarch losing more and more power.

Louis E. said...

I am a longtime ideological sympathizer with Monarchy myself,and deplore the worship of the false god "The People" that drives the modernists.Since I see Monarchy as a matter of natural law and divine model (we don't get a vote on the laws of physics),I regard laws purporting to limit a Monarch's power as meaningless hot air.