Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Father Z's War

Since Speaker Nancy Pelosi, self-described Catholic, spoke out on Meet the Press on abortion, Father Z has been on the job pointing out the gross misrepresentation of the Catholic teachings on this subject as well as keeping it on the forefront of his blog to promote continuing awareness of the subject.

His latest post on the subject is here and it provides a nice round-up of links. I know one of my most loyal readers is not in agreement with the Catholic position, but I think he would agree that San Fran Nan's position is not very tenable.

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Louis E. said...

I certainly affirm that it is hypocrisy to identify oneself with a church and reject the teachings of its authorities (or the authority of its teachings).While both orthodox and dissenting Catholics cherry-pick past writings,Pelosi can not claim piety.

Pelosi has also proclaimed her determination to repeal the Defense of Marriage Act,an issue where I DO agree with the Catholic position...I've sent her a complaint at and encourage you to do likewise.As a non-religious [though not atheist] person civil marriage is the only option for me,and if it becomes open to same-sex couples it becomes worthless.

I wonder if Catholics would be open to marrying ONLY in the Church,not civilly,in jurisdictions where civil marriage was extended to same-sex couples? would be a compelling form of protest if the couples could bear to forego the civil benefits.