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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

An Online Poll

Ignoring everything wrong with how this question is phrased...

"Should the Roman Catholic Church ordain women?"

Scroll down and vote. 'No' would be preferable (that is if you value the redemption of your soul). ;)


Anonymous said...

WE are the ones WE've been waiting for. WE are Church! WE celebrate! WE believe! It is the GATHERED assembly that CELEBRATES the eucharistic CELEBRATION!

Jacob said...

Who are 'we'?

bilbannon said...

I actually agree that women should not be priests but what is weird is how quick this issue arouses the threat of excommunication from Rome or Bishops while over a hundred Catholic pols who are pro choice in some sense are not even worried about being excluded from Communion let alone excommunicated which they are not automatically ....like the women who have an abortion are excommunicated automatically. Forgetting the issue....it is the degree of relative reaction which is inexplicable.