Wednesday, May 09, 2007


Much has been made of the fact that since JPII took over, the Catholic population as a percentage of the wider population has fallen dramatically and that BXVI's flock is shrinking. We look to protestants and general apathy as reasons, we look to the 'spirit' of Vatican II, etc.

Tonight I was watching Billy Graham on TV. I have great respect for the Reverend Graham as he has done good work. But my brother and I couldn't help but remark once again just how little difference there was between a Christian minister calling Christ's sons and daughters back to the Church and a certain National Socialist orator who led a certain country to a world war in the last century. I mention this because indeed there is a fine line between Godliness and genocide: an audience is a powerful thing once you have it wrapped around your little finger.

When we look to our roots, we must always remember that reason is one of our core values in terms of finding Christ as opposed to emotion. Not to say that the latter doesn't play its part as well, but Catholicism has relied upon reason for several millennia. Reason will save the Church from destruction on both sides.

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Johnny Vino said...

Good to see you back on duty, Jacob! I hope you're recovering well, and will keep you in our prayers.

I agree with you that reason is a counterbalance to emotion in the Church. But seeing how the Jesuits were so horribly seduced by their own intellectual culture this last century or so, I would add that the most important component in the strength of faith (and the Church) is that which balances both reason and emotion. Humility. As is perfectly evident in the Blessed Mother, perfect humility opens Christ's path to our heart.

On the local level (if you're in Iowa City, that is) - did you see that survey in the St. Mary's bulletin this Sunday? I was a bit shocked by the first question: "What would Jesus say if he were here today?"

Isn't he????? If not, I'm not sure why I'm going to Mass.