Thursday, July 06, 2006

The Spanish schedule

From CWN (subscription needed):

July 8: Saturday
0930: Depart from Rome.

1130: Arrive in Valencia and greeting by the King and Queen of Spain.

Next: Trip to the cathedral with a stop at the train crash site for wreath-laying and prayer.

Then: Arrival at the cathedral for a ceremony with the mayor and then a meeting with the clergy and religious and after, a speech will be delivered to the Spanish bishops.

After: Travel to the Basilica of Our Lady of the Leaving for meeting with the relatives of those who died in the train crash; then outside the Angelus.

Rest Period: Archbishop's palace.

In the afternoon/evening: Meeting with the King and Queen and then the PM.

2030: First appearance at the World Meeting for Families, speech.

July 9: Sunday
Mass: 1 million, King and Queen present. Then the Angelus, then a meeting with the leader of the opposition.

1230: Ceremony at the airport, depart for Rome.

1530: Arrival in Rome.

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